Wesley Officers and Committee Members

Administrative Council 2017

     Tonya Pinkett – Chair                                   Keith Tillery                                    Oliver Jackson

     Peggy Waller – Secretary                              Isaac White                                    Shan’Tay Perkins


Finance Committee

                     Oliver Jackson – Chair                        Keith Tillery – Financial Sec.                      Peggy Waller – Treasurer

                     Shan’Tay Perkins – Asst. Treasurer             Tonya Pinkett                                        Isaac White

                 Jacqueline Jackson – Counter                                                                                         Maxine Brown – Counter

Trustee Committee

Class of 2017                                                       Class of 2018                                                   Class of 2019

Keith Tillery                                                           Dale Sampson                                                      Maxine Brown

Isaac White                                                              Ricky Waller

Theodore Cephas – Honorary                 Beulah Jackson – Honorary


Pastor Parish Relations Committee 2017-2019

Keith Tillery                                                            Peggy Waller                                                          Isaac White

Committee on Lay Leadership and Development

Keith Tillery                                                              Mabel Dennard                                                        Maxine Brown


    Lay Leader                                            Charge Worship Committee

Isaac White                                                                                                             Isaac White

Lay Servants                                                                                                             Keith Tillery

Isaac White                                                                                                                Tonya Pinkett

Lay Servants                                                   Outreach / Mission Team

Isaac White                                                                                                      Shantay Perkins

Keith Tillery                                                                                                      Maxine Brown

Tonya Pinkett                                                                                                     Tonya Pinkett